Monday, 23 September 2013

Our New House

This is our new house. We are about 8-10 minutes from the school. In the other house we were 5 minutes from the school. The comment the local people make is, 'you live way out there?'.

This is the back of the house. As you can see from pictures it looks like we live on the second level and actually , we do. The house is built above the ground, you could actually crawl under it. Beneath our floor is a crawl space that is completely insulated. The water tank (which is filled as needed) and the sewage tank (which is emptied 3 times a week) is housed in this space.

This is the kitchen and on the coach is the chief cook and bottle washer. David has been baking bread and muffins regularly.

From the kitchen end this is our living/dining room.

We have three bedrooms which is more space than we need but we have turned one room into a work room and one into an exercise area. Our bed was not made when I took these pictures so I didn't take a picture of our room.

This is another picture taken from the kitchen. The window looks onto a bay of Great Slave Lake.

Here is a sunset from the deck. There are lots of beautiful sunsets here.

Here is a sunrise from the back deck.

And that, folks, is our new place! We like it a lot.

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  1. Hi Heather- good to see the house after talking about it with you. I could say something about the amount of septic pumping that is needed but will refrain-lol Looks like you have tons of room and then there is the sunsets!!!Beautiful day here today. Took a walk through the woods when I got home from school. Leaves are falling so fast that they have not reached their fall colour glory. Do you have TV and how many channels? What about library books- do you need to order and pick up in Yellowknife? Skype again soon. Hugs to you and the muffin man!