Sunday, 15 September 2013

Honestly, these are pelicans. They are called American White Pelicans and this time of year they come to the Slave River.

We could stand right on the rocks next to them and they didn't mind. We even saw one pelican catch a fish.

These are three of the other Literacy Coaches. They were all born in Nova Scotia!

We have a new house, which is fabulous. This little guy and many of his friends join us every morning and eat the Kibbles and Bits that David feeds them. David's goal is to have them eat out of his hand.

More about our new house soon!



  1. Love the view and pics of the pelicans. The Literacy leads all look young. They are at other Northern schools? How often will you be able to meet? David will have the birds feeding from his hands in no time_ you too "bird whisperer" Can't wait to see the pics of your new home! Hugs- have a great week- PS I am loving my new position!