Sunday, 6 October 2013

Flora of LK

David and I have been tramping all over the ridges of Lutsel K'e. We have seen some fantastic scenery and interesting plants. The rose hips are so numerous that I can't wait to see all the roses in the spring. The countryside must covered with them. Here are some pictures of the plants that we have seen in the last month.

Prairie crocus

The last rose of the season, maybe....

Rose hips

I have no idea what this plant is.


Tiny ferns, some of these are only as tall as your baby finger.

Reindeer lichen

Some kind of mushroom, maybe?

Some strange looking stuff

Labrador tea

It is easy walking up on the rocks. The woods are fairly sparse with birch as the only hardwood. There is mostly white and black spruce and tamarack so the woods have splashes of yellow but the under bush has lots of reds. It's beautiful and quite different from NB. I have to say I miss the maples!!

Until next time...

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