Saturday, 24 August 2013

Arrival in LK

We arrived yesterday. I flew "shotgun" to the community. This is the plane we flew on.

And this is me and the instrument panel.

This is the house we are currently living in. There are so many empty houses that we may move closer to the water.

This morning we climbed up to the ridge of rock that over looks the community. As you can see the community is tiny. The Coop store owner says that there only about 260 people here and we expected 360.

More pictures from the rock.

The plants are really different. This is a fern growing in the outcrop. It is tiny. The largest stalk is shorter than my baby finger.

In the distance you can see the airstrip!

And when we arrived home from our walk this crazy looking dog was sleeping on our step. Apparently the guy who owns this house (but lives in Yellowknife) owns him. Someone in the community feeds him. He is very friendly and would love to come in. Our first LK friend!


  1. Is the house closest in the pic yours? The dog is crazy looking. Where will he go when it gets cold?thinking ...inside your place! Hugs,

  2. really enjoy the pictures, keep them coming. Why did the people leave if you thought there were 360 and now 100 less?