Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chicken Pin Cushions and a Sock Piggy too

Last week I was looking at a quilting blog called Quilt Scapes.  I found a great tutorial for making chicken pin cushions.  I had seen the pattern ages ago and I have wanted to make one so I gave it a try.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  Here is where to find the tutorial, http://quiltscapesquilting.blogspot.ca/p/hen-party-chick-pincushion.html

And here are my chickens:
Notice their lovely tail feathers!

My sister found a sock creature book on the Hampstead House website. http://www.hampsteadhousebooks.com/  It is a hilarious book with great pictures and all kinds of terrific ideas for sock animals.  Daniel, the author, has a great sense of humour and a very strange imagination.

I made the little pig from a pair of infant socks. 


  1. I look at all these cute little creatures and wish I too could make these, but then I remember I am slightly retarded when it come to sewing :) Oh well, maybe in my next life.

    Your gardens are absolutely stunning. We just can't get hostas and such to grow big and full like that in this cold and short growing season. I have been trying for years to get things to
    grow big and full. Tiger lillies and moss seem to be my specialty! I am having some work down in my front yard and will send some pictures.
    Great talking with you last week!

  2. Hi, Heather, your chickens are just adorable!! Of course, I am partial to chickens... don't they just make you smile? Thanks for sharing my tutorial. Oh, my, and the little pigs... I am going to have to find that book - who doesn't have stray socks? These would also make great pincushions... after all, can you ever have too many?