Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Quilt Canada 2012

Last Saturday, I was able to attend Quilt Canada in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Three projects really caught my eye.  We attended all the quilt exhibits and the FAN (Fibre Arts Network) exhibit of quilts entitled, "From Away", was very interesting and I loved, Stone Stories, by Marianne Parsons.


Another piece of work that I liked was at the Mary Black Gallery, at a showing called, Rooted. It was called Dandelions.  It was at the SAQA (Studio ART Quilt Associates) show.

How many of us have hauled out a dandelion and thought, "Look at that root!" ?  Ode to the dandelion!  Thank you, Regina, for appreciating that weed.  I will never look at the dandelion the same way after seeing this homage.
Last, but not least, was Curtains, by Karen Miller.  This work of art took my breath away. 
Karen had quite a few pieces in a variety of shows but this gem from Newfoundland was beautiful.  From the clapbords, to the grasses, it was an extradinary piece of work.  These are the wild flowers in the front of the abandoned house.  I loved all of Karen Miller's quilts.

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  1. Maureen Miller12 June 2012 at 07:24

    The quilts are incredible!! Just amazing an intricate work. WE know I couldn't do that- HA HA!
    Anyway, just wanted to wish you a very HAppy Birthday! Hope it was a great Day!