Saturday, 5 May 2012

Cape Enrage

This is Cape Enrage, NB and it is a beautiful place.  The cliffs and the ocean are magnificent.  What a fun place!  Here is my twin and me last Friday.  This was a wellness opportunity for the two of us.  We enjoyed the chance to zip-line and to take part in the obstacle course.  Here we are getting ready to ZIP.
And this is me zipping:
Jay, my twin sister, was able to capture it on video.

It was exciting (but not as fun as zipping across Grand Falls in New Brunswick!!)
then we all challenged ourselves on the Cape Enrage obstacle course.  I did not make it through the ropes challenge but my twin had a go and she was more successful than me.  Here she is trying her luck (and strength)

It was easier said than done!

If you get a chance visit Cape Enrage, New Brunswick, Canada.


  1. You might have mentioned that I eventually managed to untangle myself and complete the rope challenge! (even if that isn't true :o) )

  2. hahaha Looks like you guys had fun!!

  3. Looks like you two were a having a blast! Miss that kind of scenery..Only in the Maritimes. So tell me, how do two school teachers get time off to do such stress busting activities?
    Janet I believe you made it through the ropes, but then again, I drank out of that "special" glass you gave me too! :) Take care you two, the end of June is in sight.