Sunday, 25 March 2012

Pine cones and Pussywillows

The snow has melted very quickly this week.  Last week we had temperatures in the 20 (C).  We even ate outside on the deck one evening.  At the beginning of the week there was still lots of ice in the river and this is what it looks like today and below is what it looked like last weekend!  Amazing, I love the changes in the seasons.

On our walk today we saw pussywillows.  They are always a sure sign of spring.

This pine was planted along the river by my husband, David and this year the cones were abundant.  You can see the high water in the background.  Now that the water is open on the Keswick, we have seen lots of hooded merganzers and some whistlers.  We have even seen one kingfisher already this spring.

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