Monday, 20 February 2012

The Brown Bag Challenge

One of our quilt group challenges this season is the Paper Bag Challenge.  Any member who wanted to take part was asked to bring 4 pieces of fabric in a brown paper bag.  If you brought a bag then you took someone else's bag home.  I chose M.D.'s paper bag. 
The rules for the challenge are simple. You have to make something out of the four pieces of fabric before the June meeting.  At the June meeting you get your fabric project back!!  You can add up to 2 pieces of your own fabric, if you wish.  The four pieces of fabric on the right are the pieces from the brown bag that I chose.  And the two pieces of fabric that I added are on the left.  I decided not to make a wall hanging or a table runner.

 I made a bowl and a placemat and I hope M.D. likes them!

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