Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Quilt Retreat Project

This week I'll be heading to the Villa for a quilting retreat.  It is a weekend of sewing and chatting and fun.  My project is a 9-patch variation.  I start with these fabrics.
I will sew them into a 9-patch block, like this:

And then, I cut the 9-patch block into quarters and rotate the blocks and sew it back together again!  The blocks look like this and the final quilt top will be a surprise.

My sister and I made some more sock monkeys today.  (Hers turned into a sock rabbit, thought.) Mine was made from a toddler's sock.  We will be demonstrating how to make these cute creations at the Villa retreat on Saturday.

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  1. I have bought socks and filling. Can't wait. My mom remebers making a sock monkey for my nephew who is almost 41 and my sister still has it. Really looking forward to this weekend.